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Harder Difficulty Modes + Patch 1.04!

We’ve just released patch 1.04, which in addition to fixing a handful of small issues also makes a big addition: harder difficulty modes! Instead of just Normal and Easy, Near Death now includes Hard and Condition 1 difficulties. Hard is hard, and Condition 1 will test even the most seasoned players. Both modes come with […]

Launch Week Roundup

Hello, everyone! We wanted to do a quick blog post to pull together everything that’s been going on since the game came out on Tuesday. In short, it’s been a fantastic week! The response from everyone — players, press, streamers — has been overwhelmingly positive. We worked so hard to make this game, and it’s […]

Near Death is OUT NOW!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Near Death is OUT NOW! We’ve worked really hard on the game for quite some time, and we’re very proud of it. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. We’re also making our amazing soundtrack available as DLC, and you can buy it separately or as […]

What Is Near Death?

As we put the finishing touches on Near Death in preparation for its launch on August 2nd, we’ve noticed that there’s some understandable confusion about what exactly the game is. Is it a survival game? A story game? A walking simulator? An action game? There’s no simple answer to those questions, as Near Death incorporates […]

Welcome to Sutro Station

Today we are very excited to announce Near Death, a game where you explore an abandoned Antarctic research base, Sutro Station, in the midst of a deadly blizzard. We’ve been working hard on Near Death for some time now, and couldn’t be happier to start talking about the game. You can follow us on Twitter […]