Hello, everyone! We wanted to do a quick blog post to pull together everything that’s been going on since the game came out on Tuesday. In short, it’s been a fantastic week! The response from everyone — players, press, streamers — has been overwhelmingly positive. We worked so hard to make this game, and it’s difficult to describe what it feels like to see that so many people love it. It’s an amazing reward at the end of this journey.

We’ve also been working hard on post-launch support; we released patch 1.01 on Thursday with some important fixes for bugs that a few players found, and we currently have patch 1.02 in testing with additional fixes and performance improvements. So keep an eye out for that, and make sure to keep your game updated via Steam.

Finally, here’s a roll-up of some of the coverage that’s hit so far. And remember, the game is on sale for 10% off until Tuesday, so take advantage of that and pick it up while you can save a few bucks!


  • Kotaku had an extremely positive review ready to go on Tuesday, which was an awesome way to start launch week.
  • For Linux fans, Gaming On Linux published a great review of the game, and we even snuck an easter egg into version 1.01 for our Linux-loving friends out there. See if you can find Tux!
  • OPN gave us a 9/10, which was extremely exciting to see!

Streams & Let’s Plays

It’s impossible to list all of the streamer videos that have gone up, but here are some highlights from the bigger channels out there:

  • Here’s Part 1 of PartiallyRoyal’s series on the game, which is ongoing.
  • Many A True Nerd did a fantastic Let’s Play on launch day; it’s both entertaining and a great way to learn more about the game if you’d like to see how it plays.
  • 8bitdylan did a Twitch stream yesterday, though the archived version isn’t quite up yet; stay on the look out for that one, though!
  • HPBraincase did a stream yesterday and loved the game; keep an eye out for that updated archived version as well!
  • Huxthor did a video you can watch here; he certainly dug the game.
  • ZAM also did a really positive Let’s Play video which is a lot of fun to watch.
  • And finally, if you only have 2 minutes and want a great quick look video that explains the game, check out Azralynn’s video review!

That’s what we’ve got for now. It’s so incredibly exciting to see how much people love the game; we’re still pinching ourselves. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us during development or has bought the game since launch.

And stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages … we’re starting to think about where to take Near Death next, and might have some exciting stuff to announce soon!